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Simple & Smart

Pensées Inc. pursues simple and smart solutions. We figure out complicated and inefficient workflows and provide alternatives, that is mostly for cell experiments.

Simple Way to Smart 3D Cell Experiment

3D cell culture is an advanced method of experimentation that more faithfully reproduces the clinical environment. However, high skilled, advanced and sophisticated manipulations are required in order to faithfully reproduce the environment, yet the results are hard to reproduce.

Pensées Inc. offers “Simple Way to Smart 3D Cell Experiment”. Vitrarix bioprinting solution automates the process of the preparation for 3D cell culture model. It helps to exclude the complicated process and manual handling errors from the process, expecting more reliable results. The ready-to-use cell spheroid helps researchers to minimize unnecessary labor and focus on their researches, by offering uniformly pre-made 3D cell masses.

“Advanced 3D Cell Culture Solution for Research Excellence”

  • Bioprinter Automated & Reproducible
    3D cell culture model preparation
  • Cell Spheroid Ready-to-Use
    3D cell spheroid model

Pensées’ 3D cell culture products and services are receiving positive feedbacks from leading research institutes, and their interests on the products are spreading widely to related research institutes.


  • - Launched premium bioprinter, Vitarix W
  • - Launched Ready-to-Use Cancer Spheroid
  • - Invited to World Knowledge Forum 2019
  • - Invited to NextRise 2019
  • - Registered 2 Korean Patents
  • - Acquired trademark rights for Vitarix®, inQVita®, VitalinQ®
  • - Attracted investment from QUAD Investment Management
  • - Attracted investment from Enlight Ventures
  • - Selected for Korean TIPS program
  • - Selected for The First Penguin Corporate Program by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
  • - Selected for KIC Washington Jump Bio Accelerator
  • - Awarded the Silver at Seoul Bio Start-up Challenge
  • - Registered the design of bioprinter, Vitarix
  • - Registered the affiliated research institute
  • - Certified as a venture company
  • - Acquired T1 grade on technology evaluation by Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
  • - Acquired trademark right for Pensees®
  • - Selected for K-Startup by Yonsei University
  • - Established Pensées Inc.