Cell Spheroid

3D Cell Spheroid

Cell Spheroid
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Smart Way to Start 3D Cell Experiment

Ready-to-Use Cell Spheroid is a service for smart users who want to get novel 3D cell culture experiment results with minimized cost. We provide a 3D cell culture model ready for examination and users can perform their experiment and quickly get results using the model. Our 3D cell culture models reproduce the three-dimensional microenvironment of the clinical environment and help you get more realistic and meaningful results. Using this ready-to-use cell spheroid model could make researchers focus on their research theme and minimize handling errors, by excluding the process for labor-intensive and manual preparation of models. The uniformity within 10% of standard deviation ensures the reproducibility and reliability in experimentations and reduces the number of the repetition of experiments, making it possible to conduct research economically.

Ready for Drug Screening

  • Applicable for Well Plates

    Standard well plates platform Compatible with High-throughput screening system

  • Drug Response Data

    Drug (5-Fluorouracil) response on HCT116 spheroid Data assessed by CellTiter-Glo® 3D cell viability assay

  • Immunostaining

    Maintaining the original character of HCT116 in a 3D environment Blue: DAPI, Green: EpCAM

  • Reproduction of 3D Microenvironment

    Hypoxic tumor microenvironment of MCF7 spheroid Blue: DAPI, Green: fluorogenic response of oxygen level < 5% (Image-iTTM Green Hypoxia Reagent)

  • Live/Dead Assay

    Live/Dead Assay of DU145 spheroid Green: Live Cell, Red: Dead Cell

Uniform Size of Spheroids

  • Uniform Size of Cell Spheroids

    Average diameter: 648.59 µm, Standard deviation: 46.40 µm Cell line: A549

  • An Experiment of Stem Cell Aggregation

    Uniform aggregation of embryonic stem cell

Custom Model Available

  • Cell Lines

    Cancer Cells HCT116, A549, MCF-7, DU145, PC3, HT29, MKN-74

    Stem Cells Embryonic stem cells