Delta 3D Bioprinters

Vitarix® Bioprinter VTX-001
Vitarix® Delta 3D Bioprinter with Biological Safety and Precision REQUEST A QUOTE

Simple Way to Start 3D Cell Experiment

Vitarix is the bioprinter developed employing the link structure in order to print outputs with biological safety and precision. The link structure removes the driving parts inside the chamber, thereby suppressing the generation of contaminations against outputs. It reasonably and efficiently prevents contamination by fundamentally averting the generation of its source. The driving parts are placed outside the chamber to indirectly control the printing head through the links, suppressing the transmission of vibrations for precise printing.

The equipped pressure actuator controlling up to 200 kPa makes it possible to print high viscous hydrogel materials and the rapid response speed suppressed hysteresis. The configuration of the H14 HEPA filter, UV-C sterilization lamps, and the separated chamber has completed the interior verified by the GMP level.

Easy to Maintain Cleanliness

  • H14 HEPA filter

    99.995% removal of 0.3 µm particles Maintaining GMP level cleanliness Positive pressure design inside the chamber

  • Link Structure

    Suppression of particle generation inside the chamber by adopting the link structure

    Easy to maintain cleanliness inside the chamber by detachable links

  • UV-C Sterilization Lamps (275 nm)

    Twin 4W UV-C lamps for sterilization of the chamber Able to maintain a sterile condition like a clean room

  • Printing Line Filter

    0.2 µm pore filter on the printing pressure line Prevention of contamination for materials

Sophisticated Cell Printing

  • High Output Precision

    Available of nozzles with a minimum diameter of 50 µm A position resolution up to 12 µm

  • Actuator for Pressure Control

    2 independently adjustable regulators Pressure range up to 200 kPa

Available in the Clean Bench

  • Installable in the Clean Bench

    Compact size of 330 x 290 x 490 mm³ Removable 3 sides doors


Build volume 130 x 90 x 50 mm³
Layer resolution (z-axis) 40 μm
Positioning resolution (x, y-axis) 12 μm
Pressure 0~200 kPa, Pneumatic
Max printing speed 50 mm/s
Printing materials Hydrogels (ex. alginate, gelatin, etc.)
File type G-code
Connectivity SD Card, USB